Journey to Michipicoten

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Old man, young man.

Three women, one name.

In 1869, the artist Frances Anne Hopkins has lost another child. With her husband, she embarks on one last canoe trip along the wild north shore of Lake Superior. To soothe her grief, their steersman whiles away the hours by recounting a long-ago legend of Frances and Garamond, two young immigrants to New France, Louis XIV’s colony in Canada. Years later, Frances Hopkins tells the tale to her students, one of whom is the great-grandmother of a modern-day Frances, a middle-aged divorcée on the cusp of a new life in the north. But it is an old man, the Synthesist, who drives the fates of all these people and gathers them together on Kitchi Gami, in the long, dark shadow of Michipicoten Island.


Patricia Kay Lucas writes fiction and non-fiction from an un​mani-​cured, marshy corner of Madison, Wisconsin. Much of Journey to Michipicoten is based on the author’s first-hand wilderness experiences and her travels to historical sites in the United States, Canada, and England.


Praise for Journey to Michipicoten

Patricia Lucas’s intriguing narrative is both well grounded historically and light on its feet, skipping adroitly between cultures and centuries, weaving a well-crafted tapestry of adventure and romance. A must-read for anyone interested in the rich human history of the Lake Superior region.
–David C. Whyte, An Introduction to Michipicoten Island

The author has stepped from the life of a writer and into the skin of an archeologist. Journey to Michipicoten is a journey into a place, into the history and culture of that place, and finally into the wildness of the human heart. . . . Read this book. It will change the way you view landscape: a map will become a deeper record of what it means to come to know a place and pack it in close.
–Michael Delp, As If We Were Prey and The Last Good Water: Prose and Poetry, 1988-2003

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