Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples: How to Stand Out from Your Competition

Dan Paulson, 2011. 196 pages.

Apples to Apples is the first book to link branding and company culture in a way that gives business people the means to stand out from their competition. The author makes a convincing argument for the advantages of competitive differentiation, and guides readers through the process of finding meaningful points of difference.

Apples to Apples defines the traits necessary to develop a premium brand that produces higher sales and greater profits than competitors. The author goes on to show readers how to create these traits in their own companies, emphasizing the need to follow through, measure successes, and leverage customer satisfaction to join the businesses that succeed even in the toughest times.

Buy it on Amazon! $29.95.

From the author:
What led to writing Apples to Apples was the desire to help companies understand the root causes that lead to exponential growth.  Often we as problem solvers tend to focus on the symptoms and not the actual reasons why we fail to grow our business.  We also tend to worry too much about what our competition is doing and fail to focus on our own path to success.  This is true for corporations and individuals alike.

I hope you, the reader, take some time to understand the impact that culture, strategy, and people have on success.  If you are able to make positive changes at the core of your business you can make great strides transforming your company.

Here’s wishing you great success in the years to come!

Dan Paulson

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