About First Person Productions

First Person Productions publishes works by new authors. I have created my company as a resource to help people fulfill their writing ambitions, while maintaining control of the process. My name is Sarah E. White.

I have worked with acquisition editors to locate authors, develop manuscripts, and produce books. I’ve worked with would-be authors to find publishers, then helped them turn book ideas into books in stores.

In the new paradigm of print-on-demand and declining author services provided by publishers, there is room for new thinking. That’s where First Person Productions comes in. My mission is to put you–the author–in the pilot’s seat, with me at your side as you take by storm the world of book authorship, production, and sales.

Because of my experience as a marketer, an author, a writing instructor and book designer, I am uniquely able to help authors fulfill their publishing ambitions. Let me help you!
-Sarah White,
First Person of First Person Productions
Contact me at whitesarah@charter.net or 608.347.7329.

2 responses to “About First Person Productions

  1. Hi Sarah:

    As I continue with my memoir, I’m curious about your charges. What do you charge to assist with the editing, marketing, and publishing of a book?

    • Hi Marian, and others who are curious about costs for professional assistance with your memoirs.

      I develop a scope of work around helping you finalize a manuscript (the term for this is developmental editing) and, if the book has commercial potential, a book proposal. We then seek a publisher and work with them to deliver the manuscript they’re interested in.

      If the book does not attract a publisher’s interest, and the author is interested in self-publishing, I develop a second scope of work around packaging and promoting the book, publishing under my First Person Productions imprint.

      Costs for manuscript development/book proposal can run $4000 to $8000 or so. Costs for packaging and promoting the book add another $1000 to $2000, exclusive of the actual printing. Using print-on-demand, printing books is the least expensive part of the whole deal.

      Power of the press truly belongs to the people these days.

      Thanks for asking, Marian!

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